Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence For Sales & Marketing

Use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Predictive Sales Analytics Software to find Cross-Selling, reduce Customer Churn and Price Smart in B2B – Made in German

Cross-selling is the practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. Using Artificial Intelligence, Qymatix will present you with a detailed market basket analysis based on your ERP and CRM sales data.

Qymatix predictive sales analytics uses a collection of data mining methods to find and predict the likelihood of future cross-selling among your customer database.

Using Qymatix algorithms, sales managers can create targeted offers of specific products and Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) that have a higher chance of being accepted by specific accounts.

Cross-Selling & Up-Selling Analytics: customers sorted by buying potential

With Qymatix Cross-Selling & Up-Selling Analytics, you will access an ordered list of customers based on their buying potential.

By analyzing ERP sales transactions, Qymatix helps manufacturers or distributors to focus on some of the hundreds or thousands of customers and products. In such a situation, Qymatix automatized market-basket offers a significant competitive advantage and reduces commercial costs.

Advanced Market-Basket Analysis at a family product and Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)

Qymatix Cross-Selling & Up-Selling Analytics is performed using an advanced arithmetical ad-hoc clustering function combined with a market-basket analysis. With the result of this algorithm, you can quickly understand which customers can buy more, or have more cross- and up-selling buying potential.

Why is this function useful? Because assuming you have limited sales resources, it is a sensible idea to focus your first actions on those customers with higher buying potential. Qymatix helps you to accelerate sales growth, by looking for sales opportunities with existing products in existing buyers.

Suggestions at product and customer level

Sorting your customers by Cross-Selling & Up-Selling Analytics enables you to dig deeper into each one. With Qymatix, you can search for your clients and analyze their buying potential.

Using Qymatix Cross-Selling & Up-Selling Analytics, sales managers can create targeted offers of specific products that have a better chance of being accepted by defined customers.

Discover How Our Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Predictive Sales Solution Can  Help You To Find Hidden Cross-Selling Opportunities


  • Find Hidden Cross-Selling Opportunities (For Retailers, Distributors, Manufactures or any B2B)
  • Suggestions for Cross-Selling and Up-Selling opportunities at product and customer level.
  • Advanced Market-Basket Analysis at family products and Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
  • Pricing Analytics Functions, Including Customer Classifications and Pricing Corridor Analytics.