Fashion Retailer:

The company faced with the following challenges:

  • Stock levels within stores were not managed effectively – ending each season with a high quantity of surplus stock, thus forcing substantial markdowns
  • At the same time, availability of bestselling products was a problem within many stores, despite the ability of the company to produce them within the season
  • Stock did not appear to be as fresh as it should
  • Although able to manufacture within the season, it was almost impossible to connect the sales trends to the production plan

Using Onebeat, the Company achieved dramatic improvements in its performance. The results of using Onebeat’s modules were evident, mainly in the level of service, the level of shortages and in inventory turns; all of which were achieved within the first few months after implementation.

The highlighted areas of improvement:

  • Profitability of the stores doubled
  • Inventory was reduced by 50%
  • Response time was reduced by 70%
  • Stock-outs dropped by 70% (as shown below)

Biggest Fashion Retailer in Colombia